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IoTFlows helps industries rapibly integrate data from machines, sensor networks, enterprise systems, and operational sources to the cloud and power real-time analytics engines and remote monitoring and control.


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Unleash your IIoT potential

Stream Analytics Health Monitoring

Receive alerts and notifications on all critical operations for your equipment. IoTFlows Stream Analytics Engines analyzes each sensor in the sensors networks and identifies critical health issues in real-time. Allowing users to stay up-to-date with all their processes and equipment.

Encrypted Device Management

Reduce costs, time, and improve operations through secure remote connection, control and fleet deployment. IoTFlows Encrypted Device Management allows users to deploy code to a fleet of devices instantly, its encrypted remote access allows users to access any device from anywhere in the world securely, and it's encrypted APIs allows for secure control to any process.

Predictive Maintenance

Aggregate data from sensors, devices, operational systems, and enterprise systems to generate predictions on asset failures. IoTFlows Predictive Maintenance provides operators, engineers, and planners detailed insights into possible failures and how it affects overall operations, enabling them to optimize their assets and reduce maintenance costs.

AI Machine Optimization

Increase production, revenue, and productivity of each machine. IoTFlows AI Machine Optimization applies learning engines that give insights into machine optimization based demand, scheduling, quality issues, and machine utilization, in order for industries to maximize their machines potential.

Use Cases

Machine-to-Machine Connectivity

Aggregate data from sensors equipped on machines into a single stream at the edge to more accurately map machine workloads, inputs, and outputs. Monitor and react to changing conditions in real-time at the edge and pass data to the cloud for further analytics.

Supply Chain Management

Track assets throughout the entire supply chain, and monitor in real-time product quality such as vibration, temperature, and container opening. Perform improvements on route planning and supply chain data.

Remote Production Control

Supervise and control various field devices around the world. Transmit data from industrial automated systems to ensure overall control of machinery amid the production process.

Digital Twins

Create virtual replicas of physical entities such as devices, people, processes, or systems that help make model-driven decisions. Gain a deeper understanding of the real-world conditions to make necessary adjustments to the product or service.

Security at our core

Collaborate with peace of mind

  • Sign-in risk detection
  • Secure version tracking
  • OAuth2 Federated Authentication
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Role-Base Access Control
  • SAML Single Sign-on

Ensured compliance and communication encryption

  • SHA-256 with RSA encryption
  • X.509 digital certificates
  • Firewall protection (AWS WAF and Shield)
  • Secure communication HTTPS, MQTTS, Web sockets
  • TLS/SSL encryption
  • ISO 27001:2013 certification
  • SOC 2 Type I
  • Penetration testing

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