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Successful startups excel at understanding the power of connectivity to their products and users. That’s why we’re giving early-stage startups up to $1,000 in credits for up to 1 year via the IoTFlows Startup Program.
Connectivity starts with IoTFlows
Transform data, access it at your fingertips
Built and priced for early-stage startups
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Eligibility Requirements


  • ✔ Up to a $5M in funding   

Team Size

  • ✔ 50 employees or less   

Early Stage

  • ✔ Less than 2 years old   

New Customer

  • ✔ Currently not an IoTFlows paying customer   

Frequently asked questions, answered


IoTFlows for Startups provides a $1000 credit for twelve (12) months for any combination of devices, virtual devices, cloud Node-RED servers, and IoT Data Plans. Consulting Services, add-ons, and integrations are not included. Use and access to IoTFlows Services under this programme shall be governed by IoTFlows Master Subscription Agreement and other applicable policies located on our website.
Program requirements are as follows:
  • Must be a brand new IoTFlows subscriber (previous or active paid customers may not participate)
  • Must have fewer than 50 employees
  • Must be less than 2 years old
  • Must have raised up to $5 million in venture funding
Once you’ve successfully applied, IoTFlows will reach out via email updating you on the status of your application and details needed to get started.
If you do not qualify for the IoTFlows for Startups program, please feel free to create an account here and get a 30-day free trial.
If you are part of an accelerator or VC, then you may qualify for some additional benefits by applying through the link they provide. Please contact your Accelerator or VC to see if they are a IoTFlows partner. If not, they can apply by contacting us at

IoTFlows for Startups

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